Beware: Putin, the wounded animal

It’s quite easy to see the list of damage Putin can do to the United States and its allies, even the world over, if you’ve been awake the last few years and haven’t been spoon-fed half-truths by CNN/FOX/NBC et al. A long tracklist of capabilities and actions have been documented here within the cyberwarfare and economic warfare realm. SCADAs would also be a perfectly precise example in vulnerability.

This site is far from being pro-Russian yet is far from being unaware of the United States suicidal social and economic decline, reluctance to maintain any sensible defense as it purges and destroys its own military, or lack of will to protect its own critical infrastructure — and the consequences that stem from this.

America is in free fall and mortal danger. Warning signs are all around and alarms have been going off for years, but the lights are off and nobody is home.

Please see video HERE or on the source link.

The sanctions hurt Russia a bit, but now oil’s freefall is causing the ruble to crash and slamming that nation with a guaranteed recession or even depression.This would be something worthy of extreme vigilance for the U.S. government and investors alike even if Russia were a true democracy governed by at least semi-responsible leaders.But it’s worse. Much worse.

In short, Putin is like a Augusto Pinochet or a Juan Perón … but with much more steely resolve, a massive military, and nuclear bombs.

But even with Putin’s extremely visible and frightening track record before us, it’s clear the Obama administration and even the investment community is still not prepared for the extent of the damage the Russian leader can unleash on his own people, on his neighbors, and on the U.S. financial markets.

There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. Vladimir Putin is wounded — and he’s not known for holding back.

His entire adventure in Ukraine this year is example of just how destructive and unpredictable Putin can be, and that all happened when oil was still trading at $100 a barrel.

So what could he do now?

For all we know, Putin has already done a lot of the following things, but here’s just a partial list:

1. Launch another attack on Ukraine or another neighboring nation

2. Cut off energy supplies to the rest of Europe

3. Launch an all-out cyber war on Western and U.S. companies and government agencies

4. Nationalize foreign-owned or -controlled businesses inside Russia

The question is: do the White House and NATO realize the situation? Does Wall Street?

I’m still not sure that enough people in Washington and on Wall Street have yet grasped this reality: Romney was right. Browder was right. There is almost nothing Putin hasn’t already done to stay in power already.

Just imagine what he’ll do now that he’s been poked with a very sharp stick.

Full article: Beware: Putin, the wounded animal (CNBC)

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