Brazil’s Rousseff inaugurates nuclear sub shipyard

For those thinking Rousseff is a friend of the United States, think again. She was Communist raised and groomed for future leadership.

For additional information, here is a link thoroughly shining some light on her background:

Dilma Rousseff (Key Wiki)


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff inaugurated Friday a naval shipyard that will oversee construction of a nuclear-powered submarine and four others to patrol Brazil’s long coastline and deepwater oil reserves.

The project in southeastern Rio state, with the first vessel set for 2017 delivery, emerged from a $10 billion partnership with France dating from a 2008 agreement signed by then leaders Luiz Lula da Silva and Nicolas Sarkozy.

She noted Brazil was progressing toward becoming part of a “select group” of countries along with Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, whose navies have nuclear-propelled submarines at their disposal.

“We have a very precious heritage to protect, of which the sea is a part, with essential resources for our country’s development,” added Rousseff, who was accompanied to the launch by Defense Minister Celso Amorim.

She stressed that the navy has a constitutional duty to protect the nation’s sovereignty. Brazil has about 8,500 kilometers (5,300 miles) of coastline.

The new submarines — the first one is 45 percent ready — will replace five that Brazil developed with Germany in the 1980s.

Full article: Brazil’s Rousseff inaugurates nuclear sub shipyard (Spacewar)

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