‘Taiwan issue’ will not go unresolved indefinitely, PLA general warns

A PLA general has warned that “the Taiwan issue will not remain unresolved in the long term” and that China is not ruling out the use of force to achieving unification after Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang suffered a drubbing in last month’s local government elections. The major winner at the polls was the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, which has traditionally advocated Taiwan independence.

“We will not abandon the possibility of using force. According to the law, it is also an option to resolve the issue by military means if necessary,” Liu Jingsong, a former president of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, said in a keynote speech on Nov. 6 at a conference organized by China’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times.

China has the right to resolve the Taiwan problem, Liu said. “Whoever has political power in Taiwan, the only path [for the island] is to preserve the development of peaceful relations between the two sides of the strait, and eventually bring about reunification,” the general was quoted as saying.

Liu Jingsong is considered a hero in China for fighting against the United States in the Vietnam War, where he shot down 12 military airplanes and was awarded five minor merits and 17 commendations.

The law to which Liu referred is the Anti-Secession Law ratified in 2005 which sets forth three conditions under which China can bring about unification with Taiwan through “non-peaceful means.”

Full article: ‘Taiwan issue’ will not go unresolved indefinitely, PLA general warns (Want China Times)

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