Chinese man extradited to US on nuclear smuggling charges

A Chinese man accused of smuggling “highly sensitive” parts for nuclear production to Iran was extradited to Boston on Friday where he will face federal charges.

Sihai Cheng, charged alongside an Iranian man and two Iranian businesses, allegedly exported pressure sensors to Iran that could be used to manufacture nuclear weapons, a government statement said.

Cheng was arrested in February by British authorities and extradited to the United States. He is scheduled to appear in federal court next week.

According to the government indictment, Cheng supplied thousands of parts manufactured in the US to the company Eyvaz, identified by the European Council as an entity implicated in Iranian nuclear or ballistic missile activity.

The pressure sensors can be used in gas centrifuges to “convert natural uranium into a form that can be used for nuclear weapons,” the indictment said.

Full article: Chinese man extradited to US on nuclear smuggling charges (Space War)

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