Russia: New Tactical Submarines Shooting Under Arctic Ice; Mimics Pentagon’s Control Site

Russia has a new strategic nuclear submarine that can shoot lighter Bulava missiles even when moving and even when under the Arctic Ice, according to a Russian political news portal, This new submarine is named Vladimir Monomakh and will be in the hands of the Navy of Russia by mid-December. Vladimir Monomakh is just the first round of the many nuclear submarines of its type under the Russia’s Project 955 Borei.

Submarines under the Project 955 will all be equipped with “ascending rescue chambers.” The next in the project is a submarine to be called Knyaz Vladimir that is going to be the first among the many coming submarines that will be equipped with 20 Bulava missile pits, said in its report.

Submarine experts from Russia’s Severodvinsk are in the process of building more submarines for the Project 955, said. Already underway are three more submarines namely Knyaz Vladimir, Knuaze Oleg and Knyaz Suvorov. The Navy of Russia will be receiving a total of eight nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines under the project 955.

Russia had also launched a totally new military control centre that almost mimics all capabilities and design of the Pentagon. This new National Defence Control Centre or NDCC is currently manned 24/7, monitoring all possible military threats against Russia. If war time comes, all government activities will be run inside the facility, RT reported.

Full article: Russia: New Tactical Submarines Shooting Under Arctic Ice; Mimics Pentagon’s Control Site (International Business Times)

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