Xi Jinping Urges Faster Development of New Weapons Systems

One has to wonder with the portion (90%-plus) of rare earths they control throughout the world, if they’re able to produce thousands of advanced planes, nuclear weapon equipped submarines and such and store them for a future purpose in the vast ‘Great Underground Wall of China” tunnel network that is thousands of square miles large. As indicated here, Xi Jinping has stated they are “at a key point for rapid development.”


Beijing:  Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged faster development of advanced new military equipment to help build a strong army, state media reported, as the country steps up an ambitious modernisation plan that has rattled nerves across the region.

Speaking at a two-day conference of the People’s Liberation Army, Xi said that military reforms should be “guided by the objective of building a strong army”, the official Xinhua news agency said late on Thursday.

“Advanced weaponry is the embodiment of a modern army and a crucial support for national security and rejuvenation,” it cited Xi as saying.

“Equipment systems are now in a period of strategic opportunities and at a key point for rapid development.

Xi has been pushing to strengthen the fighting ability of China’s 2.3 million-strong armed forces as they project power across disputed waters in the East and South China Seas.

China has developed emerging stealth fighter technology, anti-satellite missiles and now has one aircraft carrier in operation and is planning more.

Xi said that new weapons must be “innovative, practical and forward-thinking to meet the demands of actual combat and fill in the weak spots of China’s existing equipment”.

Full article: Xi Jinping Urges Faster Development of New Weapons Systems (NDTV)

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