The Night Sky in December: A new cold war waged not on Earth, but in space

Being that energy or power concerns would be of no concern on the moon thanks to an abundance of Helium-3, this is quite possibly conceivable in theory that the moon could somewhat be ‘weaponized’.


A war not with nuclear-tipped missiles but with destructive laser beams, travelling at the speed of light and reaching their targets 50,000 times faster than today’s missiles

A new cold war seems certain to start within the next few decades, waged not on Earth, but in space.

They could reach Earth from a point as far away as the Moon one and a quarter seconds after they had been fired.

It is no coincidence that Chinese state media are talking openly of plans to establish a military base on the Moon’s surface, from which beams could be used to destroy any desired target on Earth or in Earth orbit.

This idea seems certain to represent the long-term future of war.

The Beijing Times, referred to the Death Star from the first Star Wars film of 1977, approvingly in an article a year ago.

The article cited “experts in China” who boasted that “the Moon could be transformed into a deadly weapon.” This particular boast might be an empty one since such a base could be observed during construction and defensive measures taken.

But such a base could be built in secret anywhere else in space. Its destructive power would be limited only by Newton’s inverse square law, in which the strength of a beam must weaken with distance.

Full article: The Night Sky in December: A new cold war waged not on Earth, but in space (The Guardian)

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