China’s Economy Surpassed U.S. … a Long Time Ago

Who contributed most to global growth?


We reported in 2012 that China might have already surpassed the U.S. in terms of PPP as of 2010.  The same year, China became the world’s largest trader. And in October, we noted that China had officially surpassed America in PPP … citing the same numbers that Marketwatch cited today.

Indeed, the Chief of the World Economic Studies Division in the IMF Research Department (Tim Callen) wrote in 2007:

Who contributes more to global growth, China or the United States? Using PPP it’s China. But using market rates, the United States wins out (see chart).

Notice that he’s using September 2006 numbers.  So China arguably surpassed the U.S. under at least some measures more than 8 years ago.

Full article: China’s Economy Surpassed U.S. … a Long Time Ago (Zero Hedge)

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