Russia Intimidating Religious Groups in Ukraine

Crimea will end up like the Soviet Union, which never really went away. The reason why you don’t see this in today’s Russia is because the Orthodox churches are taken over and ran by the government. It already went through this process, was infiltrated and redirected. Everything today between the neo-Soviet government and the church looks to be in harmony for a reason.


Remember the KGB?

According to Canada’s ambassador for religious freedom, Andrew Bennett, Russia is back to its old tricks of intimidation—specifically in Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

Bennett says Russian security officials have been found sitting in the back of Kiev Patriarch Orthodox churches taking notes during liturgies with the goal of intimidating worshipers and the clergy. In other scenarios, Russian officials are going door-to-door in Crimean neighborhoods seeking out what they term “extremist” religious literature.

Full article: Russia Intimidating Religious Groups in Ukraine (Daily Signal)

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