China Shows Off Holographic Ground Control System for Drones


AVIC, China’s top aerospace manufacturer, is finding unexpected but sci-fi inspired ways to push the drone technological envelope. The Holographic Ground Control System (GCS) displays a holographic image of the drone, making it easier for the controller to intitutively understand UAV operations, by fusing together flight parameters, payload monitoring, weapons release and sensor data. The pilot is seated at the cockpit, while other personnel can observe the UAV and its environment on the hologram.

AVIC’s emphasis of combat UAV control missions for the GCS indicates that this system could be designed in mind not just for the WJ-1 Pterodactyl UCAV, but also for the Lijian stealth drone. Notably, the GCS’s ability to enable multiple persons to share the UAV pilot’s experience would be a valuable asset in conceptualizing and conducting UCAV operations for Chinese aircraft carriers.

Full article: China Shows Off Holographic Ground Control System for Drones (Popular Science)

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