Kremlin to consider plans which could remove Russia from global Internet ‘in an emergency’

In this article we see Putin shielding Russia from any Western cyber retaliation. The question here is: Is preparing for a likely retaliation after his next move? This isn’t only about an oppressive government reaching for more control over its citizens. Meanwhile, what has the United States done to shield itself from cyber attacks or other vulnerabilities? Next to nothing. Matter of fact, Barack Obama in a power grab forced the internet in America to be under government control by declaring it a ‘public utility.’


Russia may remove itself from the global Internet to protect itself against perceived threats from the West, a Kremlin spokesman suggested on Friday.

The Krelmin dismissed accusations it aims to isolate the Russian Internet, and insists it is merely concerned with protecting its national security – particularly as relations with the West have reached their lowest since the Cold War.

However, the country has recently passed several laws targeting Internet use, which include making popular bloggers register as media outlets, and forcing websites to store the personal data of Russian users.

Earlier on Friday, influential business daily Vedomosti reported that global Internet logistics would be the core subject of Putin’s Security Council meeting next week.

At Monday’s meeting, Putin is expected to discuss a contingency plans to disconnect Russian citizens from the web in the event of “an emergency” Vedomosti reported, according to the Guardian.

Potential proposals could also see the state bring the .ru domain under state control.

If implemented, the proposals would give the government control over ordinary Russian internet users and expose their habits online.

According to the Russian newspaper, the laws could be introduced in early 2015.

Full article: Kremlin to consider plans which could remove Russia from global Internet ‘in an emergency’ (The Independent)

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