Russia Pledges to Build Up Defenses as NATO Seeks to ‘Apply Itself’

MOSCOW, November 5 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is going to take NATO‘s bolstered European presence in account when framing its new military defense plan, the country’s envoy to the military bloc said in an interview to a Russian newspaper.

“NATO cannot ignore the fact that a stronger configuration of the alliance forces will be taken into account by our military strategists, and Russia will take every necessary step to beef up its defenses against all possible threats,” Alexander Grushko told the Kommersant daily.

The envoy warned that alliance’s decision to strengthen its “eastern flank” and the fact that NATO is returning to its Cold War stance of opposing what it considers to be “No 1 enemy”, would have long-lasting political implications.

NATO has been building up strength ever since the start of the Ukrainian crisis when Cold War mentality crept into its relations with Russia. In the aftermath of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, the 28-member military bloc ramped up its presence on the Russian western borders and increased the number of military flights close to Russia’s airspace.

Full article: Russia Pledges to Build Up Defenses as NATO Seeks to ‘Apply Itself’ (RIA Novosti)

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