No-Fly Zone over Syria

DAMASCUS/BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) – German government advisors are calling for intensifying the military engagement in the Syrian war. According to an article published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), western countries “must seriously re-think their original strategy” for overthrowing the Assad government, because it had placed too much emphasis on the “promotion of civilian structures.” The establishment of a no-fly zone over the entire Syrian airspace would be one of the necessities. At the same time, demands are being raised in the USA to cooperate with the Assad government and Iran in the war against IS. The US once had even “allied with Stalin to fight Hitler,” reasons an influential US foreign policy expert. The demand is being opposed, not only in Germany but also in the USA, where a former CIA analyst is calling for the establishment of a conventional Syrian exile army in a neighboring country, which, in two to three years, should intervene in Syria.

With Stalin against Hitler

In this context, prominent government advisors are beginning to publicly suggest that cooperation with the Assad government and with Iran should also be included in the war on IS. Only they can provide plausible ground forces, says Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus of the US think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Even if Assad only has half of his alleged 100,000 troops on hand, they would be the best positioned for waging war on IS. Iran’s forces are even more potent. Gelb admits, “Iran and Assad’s Syria could emerge from this anti-jihadi alliance with much more power.” Historically, Washington is not allergic to cooperation “with devils.” “The U.S. allied with Stalin to fight Hitler.”[3] Gelb does not specifically mention the fact that following the victory over Nazi Germany, Washington returned to the struggle against Moscow.

A Double War

The author of a recent article published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) is also making a plea for enhancing military engagement and the overthrow of the Syrian government. She writes that western countries must “seriously rethink their original strategy” for the Syrian war, which had placed too much emphasis on the “promotion of civilian structures.”[5] At the same time, the West should not focus too much on its war against IS, but simultaneously also against Assad. What is needed is “the creation of a no-fly zone over the entire Syrian airspace,” as well as the total elimination of the Syrian Air Force. This should force the government into negotiations, where the internal power elite around Assad will remain excluded from any transitional arrangement.” In addition, a fund should be established, from which the self-proclaimed “transitional government” of Syria and the “Military Council” of the insurgents will be financed. This is the only way “to stabilize the situation in insurgent-held areas.” The establishment of a no-fly zone throughout Syria, which would have to be maintained militarily, would, in fact, mean waging a double war, against IS and against the Assad government.

Full article: No-Fly Zone over Syria (German Foreign Policy)

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