Beijing to use floating docks for S China Sea reclamation: report

An official from the China Ship Scientific Research Center under China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation told the weekly at the Shiptec China 2014 exhibition in Dalian that Beijing is developing multifunctional floating docks for deployment to the Paracel and Spratly islands in the South China Sea. He said the docks will be manufactured in China and transported to the islands for final assembly.

The docks are to be sent first to the Paracels for testing before being moved to the Spratlys. The source said the docks consist of a large rectangular platform and a bridge to connect the platform to an island or reef. The platform can be used in various ways by Chinese military and civilian vessels operating in the disputed waters.

The source said they can be used as docks for 1,000-tonne ships, maintenance and repair stations for fishing vessels, to locate electric power generators, fresh water storage and supply, desalination of seawater, rainwater collection and general storage of equipment and supplies.

Full article: Beijing to use floating docks for S China Sea reclamation: report (Want China Times)

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