Australian commandos may join with Iranian Quds in fight against Islamic State

Australian commandos could work alongside soldiers from the feared Iranian Quds forces in the battle against the Islamic State group in Iraq, Defence Minister David Johnston has said.

Senator Johnston said the crisis created by the Islamic State’s brutal capture of vast tracts of territory was sufficiently acute that differences should be put aside in the common interest of stopping their reign of terror.

Senator Johnston, when asked whether Australia’s commandos, who will advise and assist Iraqi forces, would work alongside Iranians, told Sky News: “They may be. I don’t see a problem in that, given the nature of the threat.”

The revelation highlights the complexity of the battle against the Islamic State, which has brought together a broad but brittle coalition of countries that are often usually at odds and whom, in many cases, are continuing to pursue their own interests on the side, even as they work in common to stop the militant group.

Iran’s Quds force – a special forces element of the Revolutionary Guard – has been involved in the fight against the militants in Iraq since at least June and has reportedly been pivotal to key victories by the Iraqi military and the Kurdish Peshmerga.

Full article: Australian commandos may join with Iranian Quds in fight against Islamic State (Sidney Morning Herald)

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