PLA’s CJ-10 cruise missile more advanced than Indian counterpart

After India tested its subsonic Nirbhay cruise missile–which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads–on Oct. 17, the Sina Military Network based in Beijing said that China’s CJ-10 cruise missile is much more powerful than its Indian counterpart.

Like the US Tomahawk cruise missile, China’s CJ-10 cruise missiles can attack targets 2,500 kilometers away. Designed as supersonic cruise missile, the speed of the CJ-10 is much faster than the Nirbhay.

Another advantage is that the CJ-10 is cheaper than missiles from other nations. The price for a single missile is estimated to be only US$175,000 according to a defense expert from the United States. The Sina Military Network said this means that it can be exported to China’s allies and security partners in huge numbers.

Full article: PLA’s CJ-10 cruise missile more advanced than Indian counterpart (Want China Times)

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