Satellite launch center in Hainan mostly completed: report

China has largely completed construction of the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center (WSLC) in the southern island province of Hainan, the nation’s fourth launch base and its first in a coastal area, which in the future will be able to launch missions for space stations, manned moon landings and Mars probes, People’s Daily Overseas Edition reports.

The WSLC, as the nation’s largest and most advanced launch site, will be able to launch the new, heavy Long March V rocket and other series under development, as well as launches for space station payloads and deep space exploration satellites.

The Long March V is likely to be launched from the WSLC next year and can reportedly carry low-orbit loads of 25 tons, compared to the 10 tons that can be borne by the country’s current rockets.

Long Lehao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said China is likely to be ready for a manned moon mission by 2025. “The Chinese man who flies to the moon will depart from Wenchang,” Long said.

Full article: Satellite launch center in Hainan mostly completed: report (Want China Times)

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