China’s changing foreign policy reflected in recent trips

A recent trip made by Chinese premier Li Keqiang to Russia and Germany reflects the country’s new foreign policy under President Xi Jinping, who aims to push for closer ties with the two countries, China Business News reports.

Germany and China, recently established a comprehensive economic partnership following Xi’s visit to Europe’s largest economy earlier this year, the newspaper said. During premier Li’s visit ton Germany last week, the two countries signed over 100 agreements, including some on intellectual property protections, an issue Germany has had with China for some time, thus moving their relationship forward.

Meanwhile, Russia and Germany have been working closely on issues related to the energy sector. Russia can benefit from closer ties with Germany, since the country is set to face a funds shortage in its quest for further industrialization, despite its advance position in several high-end technologies, the newspaper said.

Germany’s support for China’s proposal to create a new Silk Road to boost trade and development between Moscow and Beijing, as well as linking up rail networks to better connect Europe and Asia will also bring the two continents closer, the newspaper also said.

Full article: China’s changing foreign policy reflected in recent trips (Want China Times)

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