US ‘may pull back to central Pacific’ due to China’s DF-21 missile

After all the technology the Clintons had given the Chinese during their tenure, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. America even trained the PLAAF for combat readiness on American soil, sold them super computer technology for nuclear weapons labs that has helped them build the nuclear weapons they have today.


Erich Shih, a military expert from Taiwan, says the United States may withdraw its forces from the Pacific First Island Chain–which stretches from Alaska to the Philippines–to the Second Island Chain in the central Pacific as China’s expands its force projection capability, according to the People’s Daily.

Various types of DF-21 anti-ship ballistic missiles have been supplied to units of the People’s Liberation Army, which may prompt the United States to withdraw its forces further from the Chinese coast, retired Chinese major general Xu Guangyu told state broadcaster China Central Television. The missiles are understood to have the range to attack US military facilities and naval warships in Okinawa, Japan and South Korea.

Xu said that to avoid unnecessary losses from the ballistic missiles and China’s new blue-water naval capability, it would be wise for the United States to pull its forces away from the First Island Chain to Guam. Shih agreed with Xu that the United States will sooner or later give up its position in the First Island Chain, though he said that the United States will not abandon its bases in Japan.

Full article: US ‘may pull back to central Pacific’ due to China’s DF-21 missile (Want China Times)

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