NATO has strategy to defend Turkey, says Defence Minister

Ankara: The NATO alliance has drawn up a strategy to defend Turkey if it is attacked along its border with Syria, a Turkish official says.

Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz, whose country is a NATO member, said the alliance did that at his government’s request as Islamic State militants, who have captured a large swath of Iraq and Syria, are trying to take the Syrian town of Kobane near the Turkish border.

“If there is an attack, NATO’s joint defence mechanisms will be activated,” Mr Yilmaz told reporters.

“From the moment the incidents relating to Syria first started, we asked NATO to prepare for possibilities to make plans. NATO prepared a plan taking various alternatives into account.

“Therefore, if there is an attack on Turkey, NATO will bring about the provisions of Article 5 of the Washington Convention.”

Article 5 states that an attack against one NATO member shall be considered an attack against all members.

Full article: NATO has strategy to defend Turkey, says Defence Minister (Sidney Morning Herald)

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