China tests its new DF-31B ICBM

China conducted the first launch test of its new DF-31B road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of targeting the North American continent, at the Wuzhai test facility in the central China, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

While the details of this missile still remains secret, it is known that the DF-31B is a mobile missile variant designed specifically for travel on rugged terrain or other difficult road conditions, according to a Chinese military website. As well, it is considered a greater strategic threat because tracking and targeting it in a conflict is very difficult. It can be hidden in garages or caves to avoid detection by satellites and other sensors, said the report.

The Second Artillery Corps, China’s strategic missile force, is estimated to have 40 DF-31s and DF-31As. The DF-41 is expected to carry multiple nuclear warheads.

Full article: China tests its new DF-31B ICBM (Want China Times)

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