Report: Islamic State to wage war on Iran for its nuclear secrets

Sunday Times cites manifesto written by member of ISIS war council, proposing to offer Russia control of Anbar gas fields in return for Moscow cutting ties with Tehran and handing over its nuclear knowhow.

The Islamic State is preparing to wage war on Iran in order to obtain the secrets of its nuclear program, according to a manifesto attributed to a member of the Islamic State war cabinet uncovered by the Sunday Times.

The manifesto, believed to have been written by Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani, calls on ISIS militants to prepare for war against the Islamic Republic.

The document, thought to be a policy manifesto prepared for senior members of the organization’s leadership, was found in the home of one of the ISIS commanders during a Iraqi special forces raid in March, the paper reported.

Western security officials believe the document to be authentic.

According to the document uncovered by the British newspaper, ISIS intends to obtain Iran’s nuclear secrets through Russia. The organization will offer Russia access to Iraqi gas fields it seized in the Anbar area in return for Moscow cutting its ties with Tehran and pass on Iran’s nuclear knowhow to ISIS.

Moscow must also cut its ties with the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, and move its support to Sunni Gulf states opposing the Shiite Ayatollah regime.

Full article: Report: Islamic State to wage war on Iran for its nuclear secrets (ynet news)

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