Bundeswehr to send 200 armed troops to observe the Ukraine ceasefire

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The Bundeswehr is preparing for a mission to monitor the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen advised the Stewards of the Bundestag about the planned German involvement in a mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). “Our common goal is that the situation stabilized in eastern Ukraine and in a peace process ends,” she said.

However, a final decision on the application shall be made after completion of talks with the OSCE and France.

According to information from the ARD Berlin Studios also paratroopers from Seedorf in Lower Saxony are preparing to support the OSCE Mission in eastern Ukraine. You’d probably sent together with specialists for the “Luna” drones in the Ukraine. The UAV can deliver video, infrared video and still images in real time to a ground station.

“Bild” reported without giving any sources, according to internal plans 200 soldiers are scheduled for the mission, 150 of which are used to monitor the crisis area with drones. 50 more are provided for the protection of the OSCE Representative.

Von der Leyen: “The goal is a peace process”

The planned use is the result of a German-French-finding mission in the Ukrainian-Russian border region in mid-September, reports the Journal. It has been shown that the ceasefire between Ukraine and the pro-Russian separatists could be monitored only if armed soldiers secure the OSCE observers. The cooperation going on an agreement between Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande on the edge of the NATO summit in Wales back.

Full article (auf Deutsch): Bundeswehr soll OSZE unterstützen (Tagesschau.de)

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