PLA to buy 700 stealth fighters, says Jane’s

The PLA Air Force and Navy Air Force are likely to purchase 700 new stealth fighters, said Edward Hunt, a senior defense consultant at IHS Aerospace, Defense & Security in an article written for the UK-based Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Russia, China and India are expected to acquire more than 1,500 fifth-generation stealth fighters to counter the United States. The fighters are designed to replace their older fourth-generation fighters including the Su-27, Su-30 and Mig-29. To confront any potential threat from F-35s among the US and its allies in the Far East, China is likely to purchase between 200 and 300 of Chengdu Aerospace Corporation’s J-20 and 400 of Shenyang Aircraft Corporation’s J-31.

With about 700 stealth fighters, China would be capable of dealing with Japanese and South Korean F-35s fighters over the disputed East China Sea. Meanwhile, they can be pitted against Australian’s F-35 in the Southern Pacific.

Full article: PLA to buy 700 stealth fighters, says Jane’s (Want China Times)

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