Turkish warship monitors Cyprus gas exploration

…and now we have factual proof as to why a German-led European Union had pushed Russia out of Cyprus and raided the cash vaults. It had nothing to do with corrupt Russian bankers, businessmen or shady politics. The hit was motivated by solidifying Europe’s future energy independence and positioning EU as a future world superpower. In previous posts, it was also mentioned that Greece would be the future corridor for forwarding energy from the Mediterranean, Middle East and northern African nations. Don’t count the ‘broke’ nation out of the game.


Turkey has sent a warship to the island of Cyprus to monitor a drillship that has been sent to search for natural gas reserves off the island’s coast.

Italian-Korean consortium ENI/KOGAS has sent the Bahamas flag-carrier Saipem 10000 drillship to the “Onasagoras” gas field in Block 9 of the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) on Tuesday.

In response, the Turkish navy has sent its Bafra Korveti warship to observe the drillship’s activities.

Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said on Wednesday that hydrocarbon exploration in the region will continue despite Turkey’s objections, calling Turkey’s actions ‘potential harassment’.

LNG to Europe by 2022

Meanwhile, Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company president Toula Onoufriou will begin ‘very soon’.

Speaking to CNA, Onoufriou said the ENI/KOGAS consortium has planned a series of exploratory drillings over the next 18 months.

Previously, Onoufriou had told ITAR-TASS, that Cyprus would be able to provide Europe with liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Cyprus by 2022.

The 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas found in Block 12 of the Aphrodite gas field, which was discovered by US Noble Energy company, is insufficient to fund an LNG plant.

Onoufriou went on to tell CNA, “Through this program that has been accelerated, we expect to have sooner, more concrete results, which will allow us to have a clearer picture of the data, to take important decisions on the exploitation and the future of this industry in our country.”

Greek Cypriot Minister of Energy Giorgos Lakkotrypis wrote on his personal twitter account that the first results of the drilling are expected to come within 80 days, reiterating Onoufriou’s estimate.

In addition to Block 9, the ENI/KOGAS consortium has also been granted the right to drill four to six wells in Block 2 and Block 3 of the Cyprus EEZ.

France’s Total and US energy giant Noble have also been given rights to other blocks.

Political dispute

The discovery of natural gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean’s Levant sea basin, which is found within Cypriot waters, is considered to be a possible alternative to Russian gas.

However, a 40-year political dispute between the island’s Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots are proving to be an obstacle to the shipment of the newfound resource.

Full article: Turkish warship monitors Cyprus gas exploration (World Bulletin)

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