Experts warn: ISIS threat from ‘immigration reform’

‘There are increasing members of Hezbollah present in Latin America’

President Obama has sought to grant amnesty to aliens through “immigration reform” since he took office, and now he’s apparently ready to get around to that work.

At least, that’s according to Vice President Joe Biden, who told CBS News in a report this week that Obama is “absolutely committed to moving forward.”

Speaking at a Hispanic Heritage Month reception recently, Biden explained Obama’s moves would be political.

“I know you’re all waiting and you’re frustrated,” he said. “Watch when this election is over, watch what happens when all of a sudden (our) friends in the other team realize their prospects for future electoral success hinge upon acting rationally. They will either act rationally, or we will act for them, and if we have to act for them, they will not be around a whole lot longer to act in large numbers.”

But a retired senior special agent for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service has called on lawmakers to slow down until some key questions are answered.

How, for example, will the system protect America from “transnational criminals and terrorists,” who “could easily game the legalization process by using a false name”?

“Despite Senate approval of [a] bill last week, these questions have not yet been asked – let alone answered,” wrote Michael W. Cutler in a recent article for the Washington Times.

He pointed out many illegal aliens from Latin American countries falsely claim to be Mexican so they will not be deported to their home countries.

“They calculate they will be simply pushed back into Mexico, where they can easily make another attempt to run the border just hours after the Border Patrol releases them,” he said. “Additionally, we know that there is a growing population of Iranian shock troops arriving in Venezuela each week, and there are also increasing members of Hezbollah present in Latin America.”

WND reported only weeks ago that the Department of Homeland Security confirmed ISIS terrorists could be plotting entry through America’s southern border.

According to a Bloomberg report, Francis Taylor, the undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at DHS, provided that assessment to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“There have been Twitter and social-media exchanges among ISIL (ISIS) adherents across the globe speaking about that as a possibility,” Taylor said.

A related AP report said Taylor’s assessment included the opinion that ISIS “doesn’t pose an immediate threat,” but the terrorist organization that has bulldozed through Syria and Iraq, setting up what it calls a caliphate, can attack American targets overseas without warning.

While many commentators dismissed the idea, the fact that ISIS could be planning a border breach is consistent with what DHS previously reported, Policy.Mic said.

“In 2012, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress that terrorists enter the U.S. from Mexico ‘from time to time.’ And a 2009 report from the Government Accountability Office noted that U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoints reported that ‘there were three individuals encountered by the Border Patrol at southwest border checkpoints who were identified as persons linked to terrorism,’ in 2008,” the report said.

A former top U.S. Defense Department analyst under President Bush says ISIS could use the Mexican border to infiltrate America, and it could happen “sooner rather than later.”

The New York Times reported an estimated 290,000 illegal immigrants, including 52,000 unaccompanied children, have crossed the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley to cities around the county, just in recent months.

There are more people coming across the border than we sent to invade France in World War II,” marveled Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, speaking to WND shortly after returning from a tour of the border.

“That is an invasion of our nation, and most of them are coming into Texas,” he said. “We need to take quick action.”

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