PLA should expand special forces: state media

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should expand the scale of its special forces to adapt itself to future wars, in line with China’s military reform, reported the state-run PLA Daily.

“The form of war has changed, so has the way operations are carried out,” said Chinese president Xi Jinping during a recent speech. “Our [the PLA’s] military mindset and principles for operations must progress with time” to strengthen our capability in information gathering, the system itself, elite troops, and collaboration.

Unlike in conventional warfare, special forces carry out specific missions on a limited scale. Their task-oriented nature, along with their high mobility and efficiency has made them ideal for regional wars.

Other features of the special operations forces, including low member casualty, meet with the requirements for highly efficient operations as terrorist activities and violence as results of ethnic conflicts have risen in recent decades. Russia, the West, and Israel have all been increasing their investments in special forces, said the report.

Special operations training should not be limited to special forces, the paper stated, adding that the PLA should upgrade its facilities and training for special operations to prepare the army for future missions.

Full article: PLA should expand special forces: state media (Want China Times)

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