ISIL has formed oil trading network in Syria, experts say

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 23 – Islamic fighters led by ISIL have established an oil trading network within Syria which includes other opposition groups and the Assad regime, Turkish Anadolu Agency reports today quoting experts on Syria as saying.

Having taken major oil fields in the north of Syria, ISIL is rumored to have created a local market in which they produce oil and sell it within the country to other opposition-held areas, as well as Assad regime, either directly or indirectly.

Professor Eyal Zisser, a Syria expert and Dean of the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Social Sciences, said: “There are tacit arrangements between Islamic State and local state officials to ensure that basic services such as electricity, water and mobile phone services operate.” He said it was well known that the regime, the opposition and ISIL were fighting each other but, at the same time, were pragmatic enough to reach local opportunistic deals such as in oil trading.

Full article: ISIL has formed oil trading network in Syria, experts say (ANSA med)

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