Pentagon confirms ISIL captured tanks, building ‘faster’ military force

WASHINGTON — The United States has determined that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was building an armored force.

Officials said the U.S. intelligence community detected a presence of U.S. and Russian-origin armored vehicle platforms at ISIL facilities in northern Iraq.

The officials said the platforms included armored personnel carriers, main battle tanks and armored combat vehicles.

“At this point, they [ISIL] seem to prefer faster wheeled vehicles rather than tracked MBTs,” an official said.

Officials said ISIL was believed to have captured up to 50 MBTs from Iraq Army bases around Mosul. They said the platforms were divided between U.S.-origin platforms, including the M1A1, as well as such older Russian models as the T-72, T-62 and T-55.

ISIL has also been seen with the U.S.-origin MRAP, or mine-resistant protected ambush, and manufactured by Oshkosh Defense. In mid-August, the U.S. Air Force was ordered to find and destroy the heavily-armored vehicle, also deployed in Afghanistan.

Full article: Pentagon confirms ISIL captured tanks, building ‘faster’ military force (World Tribune)

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