Romania seeks NATO permanent military presence

A NATO permanent military base installed on the Romanian territory is a strategic objective that Romania will discuss at next week’s military bloc’s summit in Wales, Romanian PM Victor Ponta has disclosed today.

The objective is unanimously supported by all the state institutions, Ponta pointed out. “This is one of Romania’s fundamental objectives and it is a position which has been established by all the state institutions, namely Romania’s desire to have a NATO permanent military presence on its territory” the head of government said.

“This is important because, if such a decision is taken, and I hope they will take it, its implementation will occur next year or in two years. This year, NATO’s summit will be attended by President Basescu who will not be President anymore and this is why I wanted to clearly show the support for this strategic project of the government and the Romanian authorities that will be leading the country next year” Ponta added.

Romania, along Poland and the Baltic states, have been pleading for a NATO military presence in the former communist space to dissuade any possible aggression from Russia amid turbulence in Ukraine. Romanian officials have called on USA and NATO to redeploy military capabilities and station troops in the east of the bloc amid growing tensions in neighboring Ukraine, while strategists in Washington consider moving troops to Eastern Europe, even though a formal decision has not been made yet, other than temporary relocation of troops.

Full article: Romania seeks NATO permanent military presence (The Independent Balkan News Agency)

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