Ominous signs point to ISIS connection at US southern border

…and today’s American culture that is so watered down, fixated on following the Kardashians and hypnotized by the latest NFL game, will sit there in shock and wonder how terrorists were ever capable of letting a bio-weapon or suitcase nuke go off in major cities across the country. Most today would even write off the IRGC and Hezbollah having a long-term presence and entire villages as staging grounds in Mexico (additional link) as nonsense.

While the nation was preoccupied with angry protests in Ferguson, Mo., explosive new developments are emerging at the U.S. southern border. A news story surfaced today indicating that there are signs pointing to a direct ISIS terror connection at the U.S. border with Mexico. Citizens who have constantly warned that the lack of attention to the illegal alien crisis would lead to Islamic terrorists crossing the border into the United States from Mexico are expressing alarm at the latest developments.

Breitbart is reporting that U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, stated during a news forum that Mexican drug cartels are in regular talks with the dangerous Islamist terrorist organization ISIS. In the Middle East, ISIS has seized large sections of territory in Iraq and Syria. The group is so brutal that even Muslims who are part of al Qaeda express alarm over their tactics. In the areas they have seized, ISIS has slaughtered, abused, enslaved, and beheaded hundreds of Christians and Jews living in the region. The latest victim of ISIS barbarism was American journalist James Foley, whom the U.S. confirmed today was beheaded by ISIS in a gruesome video.

Illegal alien watchdog groups and concerned citizens have been warning for several years that the lax U.S. policy toward immigration and its non-enforcement of border security laws would eventually lead to a major crisis given the ease with which drug cartels, human traffickers, and Islamic terrorists can move across the southern border into the United States. Many believe that at least some of these terrorists are already in the country, lying in wait for the right time to strike.

Since 2009 the tactics of the drug cartels have grown more brutal in the wake of evidence that the Mexican criminals have used Jihadists to advance their agenda. Numerous reports have emerged indicating that over the last six years the drug cartels have beheaded dozens if not hundreds of Mexican citizens caught in the crosshairs of these dangerous criminals. The cartels have certainly shown no reticence about engaging in brutality. Thus, it is difficult to imagine that the cartels would have any hesitation at all about engaging in talks with ISIS, even to the point of launching collaborative efforts.

Full article: Ominous signs point to ISIS connection at US southern border (Examiner)

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