Die Nato soll Stärke zeigen (NATO should show strength)

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NATO prepares to quarrel with Russia before the next stage of escalation. In Riga German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced yesterday a stronger military presence in Eastern Europe, and the Bundeswehr. NATO must prepare for the defense, “much more than we had in the past,” Merkel added. The Alliance wants in case of conflict can react more quickly than before. This strategy will decide on its summit in September in Cardiff, Merkel representation NATO.

The Baltic States could rely on Article 5 of the NATO Treaty – the defense commitment – not only theoretically applies. In plain English: For Ukraine, the Alliance would not go to war, for the small NATO partners but already Latvia.

NATO will permanently hold in the region more military exercises or maneuvers, enhance air defense and provide more structural support. The preparations are under long. As of Wednesday, the airspace is sharper monitors, also with German jets.

Old fears reawakened

The Baltic States, but also Poland had urged it and go in to their demands even further. They called on NATO to deploy combat troops in Eastern Europe as a deterrent. The Ukraine-conflict itself have the security situation “fundamentally changed,” said the Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota STRAUJUMA. On the relationship with Russia she explained, “the trust is gone.” NATO should “give clear answer Signal”.

This attitude is widespread in the Latvian society. In the old Soviet Republic of Ukraine conflict has reawakened old fears. Just a group of intellectuals and writers have appealed in an open letter to NATO to permanently station troops in the Baltics. The Russian sanctions be endured without complaint, even though Latvia has been hit hard as a food supplier, especially the dairy industry.

Merkel assured, and they STRAUJUMA were “not far apart”. Although the Chancellor wants to show more strength, but rejects a formal and permanent stationing of combat troops. That would violate the NATO-Russia Act, a limit, “I do not want to exceed the moment”. Merkel wants to avoid anything that could exacerbate the conflict. STRAUJUMA welcomed that NATO the Baltic States does not want to leave you alone. With a quick military solution in Ukraine conflict is no longer expected in the Federal Government, because Russia openly supported the separatists.

It was Merkel’s second visit to Riga within four years. Latvia has two million inhabitants, including a large Russian minority, nearly 30 percent of the population. Since January, Latvia is in the euro area, next year it takes over the presidency of the EU.

Full article: Die Nato soll Stärke zeigen (NATO should show strength) (WAZ)

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