South Korea likely to acquire Iron Dome system from Israel

The South Korean Government is reportedly interested in the acquisition of an Iron Dome anti-missile defence system from Israel in an effort to bolster protection against rockets launched from North Korea.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems CEO Yedidia Yaari was quoted by Israel’s Army Radio as saying that Iron Dome’s performance in the ongoing Gaza war had fuelled foreign interest in its procurement, including by South Korea.

Yaari said: “It is very worried not only about rockets, but other things as well; you can certainly include them in the club of interested countries.”

The Iron Dome system is claimed to have achieved a 90% success rate in intercepting Hamas’s short-range rockets during the month-long Gaza crisis.

Rafael is yet to make any Iron Dome foreign sales and has to date focused on supplies to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Full article: South Korea likely to acquire Iron Dome system from Israel (Airforce Technology)

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