Second Turkish Gaza flotilla will have military escort, group says

Turkey has been on the anti-Israel bandwagon for quite a long time. However, the radicalized nation is now openly provoking war.

The Turkish pro-Palestinian organization IHH announced that its second Gaza flotilla will be launched soon – and will be afforded protection by the Turkish Navy, Israel’s NRG reported on Sunday.

The group’s chairman told local Turkish media that the mission, titled ‘Freedom Flotilla II,’ was in the process of finalizing the legal paperwork needed to commence on the trip, and would embark as soon as it got the necessary permissions.

This fleet, as opposed to the group’s previous one that was intercepted by the Israeli navy in 2010, would be protected by the Turkish Navy, he said.

Ankara, has so far not officially confirmed the report, according to Israel Radio.

Israelis told to shun Turkey

“Israelis don’t need to need to go traveling to places that don’t treat them with respect. If in the future the government proposes to rescue Israelis from Antalya, this won’t be a top priority for me,” he said, adding a message for the public: “Stop flying to Turkey as tourists.”

Full article: Second Turkish Gaza flotilla will have military escort, group says (Haaretz)

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