Naval Nuclear forces of India to be formed this year

Head of the Indian Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), Avinash Chander recently declared that the first Indian nuclear submarine INS Arihant “within a month or two” will be capable of carrying out launches of ballistic missiles BO-5 with nuclear warheads. This implies that in the long term, India is planning to create strategic naval nuclear forces – notes Vasily Kashin, expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

Earlier, firing trials of the Indian missiles were carried out from ground-based installations and special submersible pontoons simulating submarines. Now, reliability of the whole system consisting of the missile and the carrier- submarine remains to be seen in practice.

In recent years, positive trends in the Sino-Indian relations are being observed, which have increased after the coming to power in India of the new government led by Modi. Swift growth of the military potential of the two countries generates an obvious need to strengthen the Sino-Indian dialogue on strategic security issues. After all, the threat of Sino-Indian strategic arms race can become quite real. This development will require both sides to create expensive measures in the building of nuclear forces and related infrastructure. In this case, resources of India and China will be diverted towards resolving problems, that are much more important the military and political ones, to those which are associated with the increasing role of both of the countries in global politics and international security.

Full article: Naval Nuclear forces of India to be formed this year (Radio Russia)

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