Iran reportedly sent military advisers, head of Quds Force to Iraq

Iran reportedly has sent military advisers into Iraq and dispatched the head of its infamous Quds Force to help Baghdad strategize in its fight against Sunni militants, as the United States takes similar steps despite concern about Tehran’s involvement.

While not in lockstep, Tehran and Washington are now taking a similar approach in helping the beleaguered government in Baghdad.

Fox News confirms that Iran is flying surveillance drones over Iraq, something the U.S. also is doing.

The New York Times reported that Iran, in addition, is sending tons of military equipment to the fellow Shiite-led government in Iraq and is dispatching military advisers. According to the Times, about a dozen officers from Iran’s Quds Force have been sent into the country. 

Gen. Qassim Suleimani, head of that paramilitary wing, also reportedly visited Iraq at least twice to advise the Iraqi military.

This comes as the Obama administration sends up to 300 military advisers into Iraq; according to officials, 180 so far are on the ground in Baghdad.

They have not left the city, and they’re working on setting up a Joint Operations Center. It is unclear whether and when they might leave Baghdad to set up a similar center in the northern part of the country.

The apparent involvement, however, of Iran as well as Syria is raising red flags in the Obama administration, with top officials voicing concern that their involvement could create a “flashpoint” that deepens sectarian tensions in the country. A senior U.S. official also confirmed to Fox News earlier this week that there are indications Syrian aircraft launched airstrikes against Sunni militant targets in Iraq on Monday.

Full article: Iran reportedly sent military advisers, head of Quds Force to Iraq (Fox News)

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