UN wants Germany to lead missions ‘one day’: minister

The United States calling Germany to step up to the plate militarily is one thing, however, now we see United Nations backing.

The United Nations has asked Germany to “one day” lead peacekeeping missions, the country’s defence minister said Wednesday, reiterating her call for Berlin to engage more strongly on the world stage.

Ursula von der Leyen was speaking on German TV from New York, where she had met UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson at the headquarters of the world body.

“The (UN) request is that Germany invest more senior personnel in headquarters and that perhaps Germany one day lead a military peacekeeping mission under the auspices of the UN,” she said on ARD public television.

“The United Nations has great respect for the technical capabilities of Germany, especially in air transport and … the transport and evacuation of casualties,” she said, stressing that her country is now “engaged in six missions” of the UN worldwide.

Europe’s largest economy has since deployed peacekeepers to global hotspots, from the Balkans to Afghanistan, but has also earned criticism for staying out of other conflicts, especially the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya.

Von der Leyen, as well as Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and President Joachim Gauck, has this year called for Germany to take more responsibility in international crises, with arms if necessary.

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