NATO reports new Russian troop build-up near Ukraine

Kiev (AFP) – NATO on Thursday reported another build-up of Russian forces near Ukraine as its new president put in place key pieces of his pro-Western government and embraced an EU trade pact that has been bitterly fought by the Kremlin.

But the Kremlin’s good will was immediately put in question by new charges from NATO that Putin had seen “at least a few thousand more” troops to the border in a reversal of a withdrawal he had begun at the start of the month.

“I consider this a very regrettable step backwards,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in London.

“It seems that Russia keeps the option open to intervene further into Ukraine.”

NATO’s findings — met with stony silence in Moscow — came on the heels of US charges that rocket launchers and even tanks were starting to cross the Russian border into the conflict zone.

Full article: NATO reports new Russian troop build-up near Ukraine (Yahoo!)

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