In war with Japan, PLA would strike Kobe first: report

If China and Japan were to go to war, Kobe, Japan’s sixth-largest city, would likely be the People’s Liberation Army’s first point of attack, according to the Tokyo-based Shukan Gendai, also known as Modern Weekly, on June 18.

Kobe would be a primary target for the PLA because the city is home to two of Japan’s major submarine manufacturers, Mitsubishi and Kawasaki, the weekly magazine said.

Sera said that the PLA is likely to attack where it is least expected, with Kobe coming top of the list. Echoing Sera, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force officer told the magazine that he would also choose to attack Kobe if he were a PLA general.

Full article: In war with Japan, PLA would strike Kobe first: report (Want China Times)

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