Russian Navy to Equip Fifth-Generation Submarines With Military Robots

In other words, the Russian Navy will be designing full-scale submarine drones while the US Navy suicidally downsizes via ‘budget cuts’ along with the rest of the nation.

SEVERODVINSK, June 17 (RIA Novosti) – Russian fifth-generation submarines will be armed with military robots, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy said.

“The combat capabilities of the multipurpose nuclear and conventional submarines will be improved in the future through integration of promising robotic systems into their weaponry,” admiral Viktor Chirkov said on Tuesday.

He stressed that tough laws of shipbuilding demand to avoid pauses in the creation of new generations of submarines. This is due to the construction time, cyclical use of ships and submarines, and the rapid development of scientific and technical progress.

“Therefore, we demand from the industry to avoid pauses and start designing the next generation of submarines as soon as they finish designing the previous one,” Commander-in-Chief said.

This is the only way the Russian Navy can keep up with technological progress and have submarines that “meet the latest requirements,” the admiral said.

Full article: Russian Navy to Equip Fifth-Generation Submarines With Military Robots (RIA Novosti)

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