Putin’s nuclear navy gets an upgrade: Russia christens new top-secret submarine

The new fourth generation Russian submarines are here while fifth generation is in the making.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a new weapon at his disposal: a top-secret nuclear submarine named Severodvinsk.

The fourth-generation vessel, the first Yasen K-560 nuclear submarine, was christened Tuesday, the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported.

“The submarine is equipped with the newest communications and navigation systems, a completely new nuclear power unit, and [it] carries powerful armaments, among them supersonic cruise missiles,” Adm. Chirkov added.

The Severodvinsk is the 131st nuclear submarine built for the Russian Navy. It was built at Russia’s largest shipyard, located at Sevmash.

The key feature of the Yasen-class submarine, which still remains one of the Russian defense industry’s most closely guarded projects, is its universality, previously unachievable either by its Russian predecessors or their foreign equivalents,” Russia Beyond the Headlines reported Tuesday.

Full article: Putin’s nuclear navy gets an upgrade: Russia christens new top-secret submarine (the Washington Times)

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