Anonymous plans global cyber attacks on energy firms on Friday

Dubai: AnonGhost, a politically motivated group of hacktivists, is planning to launch cyber attacks on energy companies globally, including Adnoc and Enoc in the UAE, on Friday for using the dollar in oil trades.

This is according to a YouTube post link tweeted by the AnonGhost team.

“It is a follow-up from the #opPetrol operation in 2013. They [Anonymous] are serious about its political message and they will deliver it,” Nicolai Solling, director of technology services at Help AG, told ‘Gulf News’.

There was another hacking campaign that took place last week. The attack was on Fifa World Cup sponsors and Brazilian government websites to protest against the huge money spent on the tournament when massive social inequality still exists in the country.

“Petrol is sold in US dollars and Saudi Arabia has betrayed Muslims with their cooperation. So why isn’t petrol sold with the currency of the country which exports it? Because the Zionists own us like that,” AnonGhost said on the YouTube post.

They said the countries they are going to attack are the US, Canada, England, Israel, China, Italy, France, Russia and Germany. They are also targeting countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. All the top oil and gas companies in the Middle East are listed by the hacktivists.

Full article: Anonymous plans global cyber attacks on energy firms on Friday (Gulf News)

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