PLA completes next-gen nuclear submarine tests in S China Sea

The People’s Liberation Army Navy has successfully completed its first organized tests of China’s new generation of nuclear submarines, reports the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily.

“Our country’s new generation of underwater weapons and equipment carries the dream of a powerful national military,” said Fei Zhigang, director of the research unit. “No matter how much risk it puts us under, it’s worth it!”

The research unit was said to have conducted several hundred tests in an unspecified section of the South China Sea, including maiden tests for more than a dozen domestic submarine combat systems.

Numerous domestic underwater records were broken, the People’s Daily said, with the unit’s chief engineer, Cui Zigang, singled out for solving three technical bottlenecks during the tests.

The paper added that submarine torpedoes successful destroyed multiple underwater targets at record depths.

An engineer in the PLA Navy research unit said the test location is important as new weapons and systems need to be tested in conditions in which they will be deployed in war.

Full article: PLA completes next-gen nuclear submarine tests in S China Sea (Want China Times)

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