EXCLUSIVE: EU needs European army that EXCLUDES UK claims former defence minister

Don’t let today’s headlines regarding Iraq’s implosion or Ukraine’s descent into further chaos distract you.  The EU, lead by Germany, is still pushing for a European Army in its future United States of Europe project. NATO is loathed in Europe although it depends on it and will eventually get the boot, especially if Russia takes back one of the member nations such as Lativa, a former Soviet Union state. NATO is no longer equipped for such a confrontation with Russia and will likely let it go like it did Georgia.

Meanwhile, Germany sees this and has decided to act on its own through its EU arm, which is what we see in Ukraine, as also mentioned in this article. However, especially since geopolitical relations are complex, it’s important to know that the US helped the German-led EU into taking Ukraine.

THE EU should adopt a single foreign policy and back it up with a pan-European army that excludes the UK, France’s former defence minister said last night.

Charles Millon, who served under Prime Minster Alain Juppe, urged Brussels to abandon Nato and appease Russian premier Vladimir Putin instead.

In a scathing attack on the transatlantic alliance, Mr.Millon poured scorn on Washington’s influence over Europe, claiming that abandoning Nato would prevent the EU from “bowing to US policy” which does not necessarily line up with its interests.

“It is as though we had returned to the calamitous times of the Warsaw Pact and Pershing missiles in 1979, when the frightened West – the ‘free world’ – took refuge under America’s wings,” he said.

“Political wrangling in Ukraine, for example, is playing out between Russia and the United States directly, completely bypassing the European Union which, in a sense, is actually the source of the turmoil, because of the EU’s desire to integrate Ukraine into its economic sphere.”

In a sop to Vladimir Putin, he added: “Europe’s desire for indefinite expansion and its methods of sizing up Ukraine for its economic area were, at the very least, tactless as well as making no geopolitical sense.”

But he swept aside criticisms at Europe’s low defence spending, adding: “Common European defence does not hinge first and foremost on the technological development of a common arsenal or in creating shared standards, as has been thought for decades, but rather on the political will to intervene in the wider world, in the name of superior values,” he said.

“The means to achieve this will follow.”

Speaking last night, Brig Geoffrey van Orden MEP, defence spokesman for the conservative-led ECR bloc, said: “

“We are already part of an alliance, Nato. It doesn’t mean that we have to follow everything the US says, but at least in times of crisis, we are all sitting around the same table.

An EU army wouldn’t be a partner to this US, it would be a competitor.

Full article: EXCLUSIVE: EU needs European army that EXCLUDES UK claims former defence minister (Express)

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