120 Chinese boats protecting oil rig off Paracel Islands

China deployed around 120 vessels on June 8 to keep Vietnamese boats from getting close to its controversial oil rig in waters off the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, according to a spokesperson from Vietnam’s Bureau of Fisheries Inspection.

The vessels included 40 coast guard boats, 30 tugs and transport vessels, 35-40 fishing boats and four warships, the spokesperson said, adding that although Vietnamese boats were intercepted the vessels and passengers on board were not harmed.

A journalist from Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao who visited the region on the same day reported seeing a Y-8 Chinese reconnaisance plane circling the oil rig, while two Chinese maritime police vessels guarded around 30-40 Chinese fishing vessels that formed a strategic line to prevent Vietnamese boats from getting within 10 nautical miles of the oil rig.

Full article: 120 Chinese boats protecting oil rig off Paracel Islands (Want China Times)

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