Russia to ‘restrict’ US-run GPS satellites

Not only are they going to kick the US satellite system out, they will build their own on American soil.

Russian authorities have “implemented measures” to restrict the use of satellite bases in its territories that serve the US-owned GPS network.

The country’s space agency said it would rule out “any military use” of the ground-based stations.

The move comes amid Russian attempts to build a US base for its GPS rival, the navigation system Glonass, which have been blocked by the US government.

GPS bases in Russia will be “stopped completely,” if an agreement on Glonass stations in the US is not reached by 31 August, warned deputy prime minister, Dmitriy Rogozin.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation network owned and run by the US government.

In a statement, Russia’s Federal Space Agency, Roskosmos, said it would “rule out” the use of information from network stations operating on the signals of the GPS system and located in the Russian Federation, “for purposes not covered by existing agreements, including military uses”.

Full article: Russia to ‘restrict’ US-run GPS satellites (BBC)

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