Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona

PHOENIX – After finding out bus loads of undocumented immigrants were being dropped off in Phoenix, many wonder what’s happening to them when they step off the bus.

A local organization is helping them by letting them use cell phones to call family in other states so they can get bus tickets out of Phoenix.

Many of those bused to Phoenix are families with children. Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials say most are from Central America and were detained in Texas.

Xiomara Maldonado told ABC15 that when she dreamed of coming to the United States, she never imagined how it would turn out.

“They saw us like animals,” she said about the holding facility in Texas.

Even though the experience would put many people off about staying in the U.S., Jessica Meraz said she’d still like to stay.

Meraz said, “I’d like to relax for a bit and then work. I want to look for work.”

Full article: Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona (ABC 15)

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