Russia-China alliance could resist US in Asia: expert

As Russia looks to strengthen ties with China, the country can profit from selling weapons while also helping China to resist US influence in the Asia-Pacific region, writes Huanqiu, the website of China’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times, citing a Russian military expert.

The expert, who works for a military institution in Russia and wished to remain anonymous, suggested that Moscow would side with China in a potential conflict with the US. Russia may also look to help China build a powerful naval force with five to six aircraft carriers.

The expert said Moscow is looking to strengthen its cooperation with Beijing as its geopolitical ally to counter the US and will also help Beijing stand firm over territorial spats with neighboring countries in the South China Sea, which the expert claimed have been instigated by the US.

Liu Guchang, a former Chinese ambassador to Russia, said Washington’s attempt to prevent China and Russia’s emergence has backfired and contributed to cooperation between the two. Liu said the partnership will have a profound influence over international affairs and will work to counter US domination.

China’s main enemy is the US Navy, said the Russian expert, since the country plans to expand its influence in Asia-Pacific region and has great interest in disputed territories that are rich in oil and natural gas.

Full article: Russia-China alliance could resist US in Asia: expert (Want China Times)

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