German cabinet adopts new Africa strategy

BERLIN, May 21 (Xinhua) — The German cabinet has adopted a new Africa strategy, showing willingness for a greater German involvement in Africa, German media N-TV reported on Wednesday.

In the new Africa policy, Germany’s ruling coalition government expressed willingness to help prevent armed conflicts on the continent at an early stage in the future.

In addition to training missions, which would help African countries solve crisis more independently, Germany said it was also ready to send more troops to Africa if necessary.

The government pledged more efforts to help fight against corruption and human trafficking. Describing Africa as “a continent of the future,” the new policy pays attention to its development potential, referring to the importance of African markets for the German economy.

Africa has gradually been becoming a more important focus of German foreign and security policy.

In addition to supporting the European Union (EU) anti-pirate mission off the Horn of Africa, Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, also contributed military observers and liaison officers in Sudan, Congo and the Western Sahara. In Mali, the Bundeswehr is participating in the training of Malian security forces.

Full article: German cabinet adopts new Africa strategy (Shanghai Daily)

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