Over-heating stock markets raise crash fears

The UK’s top professional investors think stock markets in the UK and US are over-valued raising fears of a crash

The number of investors who think the world’s leading stock markets such as the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100 are overvalued has reached its highest level yet, according to a survey of professional money managers completed by the CFA Society of the UK.

The survey offers a rare insight into the thinking of the investment community, which manages billions of pounds on behalf of pension funds and households. It revealed that 49pc of the 530 stocks experts now believe that developed equity markets are overvalued – signalling rising fears of a correction – up from 39pc just three months earlier.

The number of money managers that felt there were further gains to be made in stock markets fell to its lowest level reported, at just 16pc, down from 50pc at the start of last year.

Full article: Over-heating stock markets raise crash fears (The Telegraph)

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